Pedestrian tour: Roquebrune and Menton

This pedestrain tour can be done by “walking” mode or “Trail” mode. This article is a walking between the Village of Roquebrune and Menton. This path can you discover the most important touristic monuments in this area…
The medieval village of Roquebrune and his castle, the littoral path arround the Cape Martin and the village of Menton.

Between Roquebrune and Menton by the castle and the cape Martin

We take the bus N°100 until the stop called : 1er escalier”. We go up the “saft”stair until the village of Roquebrune. we can visit the village of Roquebrune. At the top, there is a castle ( After the visit of the castle, you can walk through the village until the millennial olive tree before to go down until the bus stop called “2ème Escalier”.


A lot of solution offers to you because you can continue the visit of the cap with the Shed and camping units Le Corbusier ( All the informations for the guided visit English web site: Cap Moderne. Because it’s not possibe to see the monuments without paid…

After this rest, we can continue the walk on the coastal path until “Carnoles”, then “Menton”. there is about 8 km between Roquebrune and Menton. If your timetable is well, you can visit the old town of Menton and this monuments, the gardens, port and the beach of this pretty village of the French Riviera at the Italian border.

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