Carnival of Nice

History: Nice Carnival

Carnival of Nice dates back to the Middle Ages. But in 1873, a festival committee built this tradition into a show in Nice.

Carnival of Nice Black hole gargantua: Le gargantua de l'espace

Black hole gargantua: Le gargantua de l’espace

A Niçois “Gustav-Adolf Mossa” gives its nobility to the carnivalesque art and thus makes Nice a major place in the world of the party. The Festival Committee had been in charge since 1873, but after that the Nice Convention and Visitors Bureau will organize the carnival since 1996. The theme and even the dates of the following year are announced on the last day of the year. Carnival in progress.

All information is on : Carnival history.

Carnival of Nice

Carnaval de Nice: La planète des singes: Planet of the apes

La planète des singes: Planet of the apes

It is the first carnival in France and therefore one of the most famous in the world. We can participate in the party every winter, in February. Without question, it is one of the most popular holidays of the Côte d’Azur. The carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators every year. For at least 2 weeks and 3 weekends, there will be corsos and traditional flower battles thanks to 17 floats and more than 1000 dancers and musicians from all over the world. The “King of Space” is the theme of this 2018 edition.

To find out more about the street artists present, the various floats and the whole program of the festivities, catalogs to download are provided on the official website of the carnival of Nice.

Carnaval Nice 2018


CIE LES QUIDAMS HORSES AT HORSE : A dream that passes … A horde of horses, made of white materials and ivory, symbols of peace, purity and spirit. Horses carved in large inflatable materials (more than 3.50m high) and set in motion by daring puppeteers in costumes of legends. A stroll of images, an arrival of fantastic horses and a tilting of the atmosphere in dreamlike, living images, a succession of imaginary …

You can enjoy all its festivities from € 5 so do not hesitate to discover the carnival of Nice.

Link to my personal photos Carnival 2007 (Nice).
Link to my personal photos Carnival 2018 (Nice).
Official link: nicecarnaval

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