Cook or taste: Daube nicoise.

Ingredients for the daube nicoise

    • For the daube nicoise, beef must be braised: 1.3 kg of meat to buy preferably from his neighborhood butcher. For this recipe, if you do not like the gelatinous side of piece like the Paleron for example. It will take pieces such as the « gîte » or «la macreuse » less gelatinous but very tasty for this recipe daube nicoise.
Ingredient for the daube

Ingredient of the daube

    • 3 beautiful fresh peeled tomatoes (500g) in season or peeled tomatoes in a box (500g)
    • 3-4 carrots
    • 2 onions
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • Half a limb of celery (100g cut and denervated)
    • A bouquet garni composed of a bunch of parsley, laurel and a branch of thyme
    • Half a bottle of red wine
    • A glass of alcohol (Marc de Provence or Cognac etc …)
    • Olive oil, salt, pepper, a little flour
    • 60 g bacon (condiments)
    • 80g dehydrated ceps to put at least 1/4 h in warm water (Especially keep the water from the mushrooms to finally complete the broth) or if you have 200 grams of fresh porcini mushrooms. it’s even better…
Ingredients prepared for the daube nicoise

Ingredients prepared


Étape 1

Golden meat pieces

Golden meat pieces

    • In a large skillet heated over high heat, brown the pieces of meat on all sides in olive oil so that it remains homogeneous and does not fray when cooked.

      • Salt and pepper generously.
      • Singer with half a tablespoon of flour and leave to brown.
      • Remove the pieces of meat from the casserole and reserve the meat in a dish.
      • Deglaze with Cognac or Marc de Provence and finally reserve the sauce in a cup.
Background of sauce and golden beef

Background of sauce and golden beef

Étape 2

Onion coloring

Onion coloring

  • In the cast iron casserole, fry the vegetables (onions and bacon first, then the other vegetables: carrots in a slice, crushed garlic clove, Celery).
Cooking vegetables

Cooking vegetables

  • Let it color.
  • Add tomatoes in pieces, salt, pepper and bouquet garni.
  • Add the meat.
  • Cover all with warm wine, sauce bottom of cooking meat and boiling mushroom broth to complete.
Cooking for the daube nicoise

Cooking for the daube nicoise

Étape 3

After 2:30 of cooking (thermostat 4-5 on my induction plate or 120 ° C if you prefer to put the cast iron casserole in the oven), the meat is cooked. (When the meat comes off easily with a knife, it is cooked).

Possibility of mixing vegetables

Possibility of mixing vegetables

Then we have the choice: Either we pass the vegetables to the blender plunging after removing the bouquet garni and put aside the meat or we leave the vegetable pieces in the sauce. After making your choice, we continue the recipe.

  • Add the rehydrated dry porcini mushrooms that have been reserved and a hint of cognac as an option.
  • Simmer another 30min to 1h depending on the consistency of the sauce.
Cooking the finished daube

Cooking the finished daube

Étape 4

Finally, we can accompany this typical dish of nice with fresh pasta, steamed potatoes or gnocchi.
It’s even better warmed up. The secret lies obviously in the choice of meat and slow and very slow simmering but without causing much boiling which would dissociate the sauce.

My plate of daube nicoise with tagliatelle

My plate of daube nicoise with tagliatelle

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