Cooking of Yann

Cooking and food; I propose in this section some cooking recipes among the typical dishes of Nice.. You can prepare them at home if you want. But especially enjoy them on the spot during your stay, in my rented apartment. My culinary skills come from my mother and my sister. She is chef at a restaurant in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The cooking recipes are mainly Mediterranean, Nice, with Italian origins. Because I have always lived in the south of France. And I live for ten years in Nice near the Italian border.

Ingredient Daube niçoise. Cooking of Yann

Ingredient daube niçoise

Some dishes are traditional, others are revisited but they are good in summer as in winter.I really like French cuisine as a whole and Asian style cuisine.I can prepare for example a dish that I eat daily: My Asian chicken revisited or my pie: pear amandine.

For the aperitif, I offer a wine “homemade” lemon or orange. According to my preparations (40 days maceration in a glass bottle), during your stay, you can enjoy one or the other.

These recipes are those that I can prepare (on request) to my guests.To share during a getaway (pan-bagnat) or an evening for dinner (stew nicoise).

Luckily, I live next to the Libération market in Nice (1min walk). This allows me to have fresh vegetables and quality for my cooking recipes.

In the neighborhood Borriglione, there are very good craftsmen (butcher, butcher). Among them, the butcher “Caricchi” where I buy my meat to prepare my stew Niçoise. meat for stew is of Quality and certified origin.

Some shared recipes

Here are the recipes I share in this section: The “Pan-bagnat” for getaways and picnic, the “daube niçoise” for winter evenings and my pie “amandine pear” for gourmet desserts.



Daube niçoises

Daube niçoises

Tarte Poire amandine

Pear tart amandine

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