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Circuit NiceCommentaire de Airbnb de Sarah Note: 5/5

23 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“Yann is such a nice guy with great experience and knowledge. He was easy to talk to even though we had different first languages. He brought us up to an old fort built in the 1500s which was so cool. Once we had finished our hike he brought us through some of villefranche-sur-mer and gave us brief history of the streets and the village. It was a great experience. The hike was great and he catered his speed to those hiking with him. The view was amazing at the top of the mountain. My family and I had a great time! Lunch was also nice at the beach. I would recommend this to anyone!”

Commentaire de Airbnb de Linda Note: 5/5

20 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“This was such a wonderful experience! Great way to get exercise while exploring beautiful parts of Nice and Villefranche you might not see otherwise. The views were stunning!Yann was informative, so nice, and helpful. I had to change days on him and he kindly accommodated that when he certainly didn’t have to do so. And the pan bagnat he made for lunch was delicious! I highly recommend this excursion!”

Commentaire de Airbnb de Moa Note: 5/5

17 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“I feel like I can’t recommend this enough! Especially for people who want genuine experiences with a local and wanna do something a little active. Yann is just super super friendly and attentive and just does the extra things to make the experience a great one, like telling interesting facts. The hike and the views were amazing and we walked through beautiful forests, saw tons of flowers, an old fort and walked by the sea. Calming and active at the same time. If you wanna see the real Côte d’Azur plus try the local speciality pan bagnat (which was just delicious) do this!”

Commentaire de Airbnb de Joyce Note: 5/5

14 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“This was so amazing. The hike was wonderful and the views were picturesque. Yann was so engaging, hospitable, and knowledgeable about Nice and the surrounding areas. This is the best way to get a real local experience of Nice. The food he made was delicious, and he was so accommodating the whole time. Would recommend over and over again!”

Commentaire de Airbnb de Leo Note: 5/5

13 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“Yann met me on the steps of the Cathedral in the Port. From there we started our walk. Up a path Mont Alban, 200 in altitude. Yann is easy to talk with ( his English is quite good) and he can tell you a lot about the local history and nature. He adjusts his tempo to that of his guests. Spectacular views of Nice on the one side, of Villefranche on the other side. Interesting fort on the top. At the end a nice visit to the old town and it’s medieval streets…He had prepared an excellent lunch: a tasty “Pain Bagnat ” a Nice speciality, a large bun filled with fresh vegetables, olives, and tuna; a banana for dessert… Highly recommended!”

Commentaire de Airbnb d’Astrid Note: 4/5

10 juin 2018: “Walk the azure coastline
“Die Wanderung dauerte etwa 3 Stunden und verlief um das Cap Ferrat. Man hat einen phantastischen Blick. Yann kannte sich sehr gut aus und war immer aufmerksam und hilfsbereit. Er beantwortete gerne alle Fragen und wusste viele Details zur Region. Sehr zu empfehlen! ”

Commentaire de Airbnb d’Elisabeth Note: 5/5

09 juin 2018: “Walk the azure coastline
“Yann was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Even though I have been here a few times before I learnt a lot about the area and had some wonderful surprise beaches and monuments along the way. He even made sure I got the correct bus back to my apartment. I would recommend this activity for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to fall more in love with the Cote d’Azure.”

Commentaire de Airbnb d’Alberto & his family Note: 5/5

06 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“If you want to remember something unique and special, book this hike with Yann. His favorite views and local knowledge are amazing. We were lucky and went through the film setting at the top of the hill of the series Riviera ( maybe Yann knew about it!). We saw Julia Stiles and Marianne Laurent!.. to finish out with a bang, Yann gave us Pain baignat and Lime Wine.. great 3 hrs ! full of positive energy.”

Commentaire de Airbnb de Sophia Note: 5/5

05 juin 2018: “Balade découverte avec un sportif
“What a journey. Let me begin by saying that when the experience says it’s a little sporty, I do advise that you are of an adequate level of fitness. We journeyed with Yann up a park trek and through a series of exercise stations before we reached Ville-Franche beach where we had the most amazing sun and atmosphere possible. Yann’s english may not be his strong point but his advice/knowledge is good for a taster guide into your journey throughout Nice. Furthermore, his lunch apertif provided was AMAZING. Easily one of the most refreshing sandwiches I have had in a long time and would strongly reccommend going around with Yann.”

Commentaire de Airbnb de Vickie Note: 5/5

02 juin 2018: “Balade avec un sportif expérimenté
“What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I had a great hike with Yann and explored a part of Nice I would not have otherwise enjoyed. The views were spectacular and the hike itself was fun. He is knowledgeable, informative and will adjust his pace to yours. He also made lovely pain bagnat sandwiches for lunch, which we had in the park. I even learned to take the bus and tram, which has been very useful to me, thanks to Yann. Time well very spent! I highly recommend this experience.”