Typical dishes of Nice: Link between Italy and southern France

Typical dishes of Nice: They’are an important part of gastronomy on Nice and moreover makes the link between Italy and the South of France. Therefore, you must absolutely taste or enjoy on Nice, the following dishes:

  • Typical dishes of Nice: Pissaladière

    A culinary specialty of the Nice region present throughout Provence but of Genoese origin.

  • Soupe au pistou

    A soup of Nice with summer vegetables presented throughout Provence and including pasta. Currently, it is served with pesto, a mixture of garlic, olive oil and chopped basil.

  • Pan-bagnat

    Typical dishes of Nice: Pain Bagnat

    Pain Bagnat

    In all Provence, it’s a famous Nice sandwich because it contains vegetables of Provence (spring onions, peppers green, olive of Nice, etc …), eggs, tuna and olive oil.

  • Nicoise salad

    The Nicoise salad is the most famous culinary specialty of the country of Nice.

  • Fritters of zucchini flowers

    Today, this culinary specialty of the region of Nice extends throughout Provence.

  • Farcis niçois

    You can found the stuffed little vegetables all along the Mediterranean coast with vegetables, ham and stale bread. it’s are a Niçoise and Provençal culinary specialty.

  • Socca

    This culinary specialty based on chickpea flour is from Liguria but it is consumed from Menton to Nice.

  • Estocafic (stockfisch niçois)

    This dish from Nice made from dried cod (often haddock) is very good nutritionally and allowed to do Lent at the time…

  • Daube Niçoise

    My plate of daube niçoise with tagliatelle

    My plate of daube niçoise with tagliatelle

    The “Doba nissarda” in Nice, is a variant of the Provencal stew. Then the recipe is to incorporate mushrooms such as porcini mushrooms that are most used for this dish. So you can taste this stew at home because I cook often or in all good restaurants in Nice cuisine.

  • Swiss chard pie

    The “torta de blea” in Nice, cooked with on chard and typically Niçoise. It is found in dessert (sweet) or starter (salty).

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