Pan Bagnat

Pan bagnat Nice : it was a poor man’s dish. At the time, stale bread was eaten by moistening it with water to soften it, hence its name: « bathed bread ». It was eaten with the Niçoise salad and for the poorest with a simple tomato.
As the seasons went by, local products were added according to the means. Cébettes, radishes, green peppers (preferably small ones), fevettes, olives niçoises, basil, olive oil, anchovy fillets, small purple artichoke hearts, and for the richest: tuna and eggs.

To know the history of Pan bagnat Nice :

Component of Pan bagnat Nice

Then you will find according to the sites different component to use. Traditionally, you have to use all the component listed above in the « history » section. I find all the vegetables at the « Libération » market in Nice, near my home.

Pan bagnat : ingrédients
  • Tuna or an anchovy fillet: I chose tuna because a majority of people like tuna unlike anchovies stronger in taste but if you want you can put both for more flavor.
  • Sliced hard-boiled eggs.
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Add the spring onions, radishes and julienned peppers.
  • Salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • Basil (a few leaves) and a clove of garlic to rub on the bread.
  • Niçoise olives not pitted.
  • The round pan bagnat bread (ordered at the bakery).

Note : Depending on the season, fevettes and small purple artichoke hearts can be added.

Culinary preparation of pan bagnat Nice

To begin, I cut the bread in half (2/3 and 1/3), remove some of the bread crumbs to create a sort of nest in which I would put the diced tomatoes. I rub the edges of the nest with a garlic clove. I delicately add olive oil all around the edge of the nest and a tablespoon of olive oil in the upper part of the bread.

Pan-bagnat de Yann
Pan-bagnat de Yann

I start to add the diced salted tomatoes. I add the radishes and spring onions, the olives and the julienned peppers. I salt and pepper and add a little olive oil on the salad, as well as some finely cut anchovy fillets. I add the fresh tuna and the hard-boiled eggs boiled in water for 11 minutes. I continue with the basil leaves, a little olive oil and some chopped spring onions on the whole before closing the pan-bagnat.

Pan-bagnat de Yann
Pan-bagnat de Yann

It’s a typical Nice dish : a simple, economical and excellent recipe for any time of the day. A sandwich that can be eaten on a picnic (beach, mountain excursions) or at home